Monthly Support Group

Monthly online meeting for women with diagnosed or suspected ADHD. Informal sharing of experiences and strategies to help improve situations as well as focused exploring of relevant topics to increase knowledge and understanding of ADHD. All ladies with ADHD symptoms / diagnosis are welcome to join our informal and friendly online zoom group sessions ‘Together @ The ADD-vantage’ – see Facebook page for details.


Monthly ‘Together@theADD-vantage’ face to face meet ups and activities in and around Hertfordshire,UK. All ladies with ADHD symptoms / diagnosis are welcome to join these as and when they can. These are alternately daytime /evening – see Facebook page for details.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching can be delivered face to face or on line. It is a process that aims to improve a situation for the individual and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the past or future.


If appropriate, Junior Coaching can be offered to some young people aged 14-18 years old. Arrangements are very flexible and can be managed face-to-face or online in 45 minute sessions.

Educational Consultancy

In cases where the young person is not fulfilling their potential or struggling in their educational setting, and parents are not clear what provision or interventions should be offered or what to ask for, a package of appointments are available to review the situation and explore next steps for advocacy on their behalf. This can include accompanying you to meetings at school and reviewing impact post intervention.


QbCheck is a computer software test that offers an objective measure of the core symptoms of ADHD: inattention, activity and impulsivity. Each participant is then compared to age and gender-matched control groups, with and without ADHD, generating a report on the severity of the individual’s symptoms. This is not a diagnosis but can help either ‘rule in’ or ‘rule out’ ADHD and offer some very specific information that could be helpful in school/work environments, or in relationships, whilst waiting for a formal assessment.


The QbCheck is carried out in a distraction-free environment, under strict conditions to ensure a fair test. Each test is observed by a facilitator. All facilitators have undergone training to administer the test.


There is a significant body of clinical research to support QbCheck’s validity, clinical utility and usefulness in treatment follow-up. For more detailed information, please follow this link:

Workplace Support

If you are employed or run your own business, and you have an ADHD diagnosis you may be entitled to funding for coaching through the government’s ‘Access to Work Scheme – A2W’.

If your condition means that you find your work more challenging than a neurotypical peer, A2W provides practical advice and support to help you overcome these work-related obstacles. It can award grants towards coaching and other provision that can help you develop effective work habits and routines to overcome your ADHD challenges.

In order to access this scheme contact Access to Work by calling: 0345 268 8489 or click . You will need evidence of your diagnosis and be prepared to complete some paperwork. If you would like one to one coaching via A2W from The ADD-vantage, you will need to email for some further information and a quote to submit to A2W.

Speaking Engagements

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