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‘The ADD-vantage’ exists to offer support primarily to girls and women with a diagnosis of, or suspected, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The female experience of ADHD is often quite different from the typical male one. For example, girls and women tend to internalise their symptoms and can fall more into the ‘predominantly inattentive’ type of ADHD. Their hyperactivity can be less obvious, evident through speech (too chatty), emotions…

Peace of Mind


Support Group

Monthly Support Group

Monthly meeting for local women with diagnosed or suspected ADHD. Informal sharing of experiences and strategies…

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Personal and Parental Coaching

Personal Coaching is a process that aims to improve a situation for the individual and focuses on the…

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Educational Consulting

In cases where the young person is not fulfilling their potential or struggling in their educational setting, and…

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QbCheck is a computer software test that offers an objective measure of the core symptoms of ADHD: inattention…

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Workplace Support

If you are employed or run your own business, and you have an ADHD diagnosis you may be entitled to funding…

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'Failing at Normal; living with ADHD' Jessica McCabe's story


Inspirational Women with ADHD

A diagnosis of ADHD does not have to put a person at a disadvantage in life. Instead, ADHD can, and should, contribute to the individual’s success. There are many people with ADHD who have reached the pinnacle of their fields. When researching successful people who have ADHD, the lists are often dominated by men— from Will Smith and Michael Phelps to Channing Tatum and Justin Timberlake. They are celebrated as trailblazers who overcame their disorder. Many describe themselves as being the ‘class clown’ in school and then going on to do amazing things, from earning Olympic gold medals to receiving critical acclaim for their art and music.

Lisa Ling
Trudie Styler
Karina Smirnoff
Katherine Ellison
Cammi Granato
Michelle Rodriguez
Marta Bota
Margaux Joffe
Simone Biles
Sari Solden
Emma Watson
Jessica McCabe

Whether leaving women off these lists is intentional or accidental, a lack of female role models can perpetuate the myth that ADHD is only a male issue. Additionally, there’s another hurdle when it comes to women making these lists: they have to have publicly talked about their diagnosis — something many women struggle with, due to stigma. However, the following are notable, successful and inspirational women with ADHD who have spoken publicly and are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Maybe you will be able to relate to their experiences and find some encouragement in their stories.